Data Processing and Quality Assurance The Swiss-AF cohort complies with all legal requirements. The local study coordinators and investigators work in close  collaboration with the Swiss-AF data managers and provide  information about enrolled patients and all recent data by a  constantly monitored web-based portal «SecuTrial»  hosted by  the Clinical Trial Unit Basel (CTU).   Written information about the Swiss-AF cohort study and written  informed consent is obtained from all listed patients before any  study procedure is carried out. All data are entered into  anonymized patient-specific online case report forms (CRFs) and  are electronically transferred to a central database system  located at the University Hospital Basel as the coordinating  centre.  

Standard operating

procedures (SOPs)

Standard operating procedures  (SOPs) ensure the working  standards, address legal aspects  of consent handling, EKG- and  MRI-measurement, bio-sampling  and updating of the Swiss-AF  cohort infrastructure.  In accordance with the rules of the  Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), regular quality audits and  written reports on data entry and  data processing will be performed  to enhance standardization of the  study procedures and to  continuously check data quality  and completeness.


Study Overview

Data Processing and Quality Assurance

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