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Study Overview


Study Objectives Providing a long-term follow-up and covering a broad bio-psycho- social perspective in its data collection to generate a unique data base for future research is one of the prime goals of the Swiss-AF cohort.
Study Design  The Swiss Atrial Fibrillation Cohort Study (SWISS-AF) is a  prospective observational multicenter cohort study that was  launched by investigators from the University Hospital Basel  together with several external partners. Collectively, it aims to  generate a Swiss-wide comprehensive and representative data  collection in patients aged ≥ 65 years with paroxysmal, persistent or  permanent AF. Starting in April 2014, Swiss-AF aims to enroll 2600 patients in  more than 14 centres distributed across all language-regions of  Switzerland within 24 months. Overall, the cohort includes a period  of four years with yearly clinical follow-up visits encompassing  assessments of personal characteristics, neurocognitive functions,  disability and health economics as well as resting  electrocardiograms. Brain MRI and blood sampling are included at  baseline and after two years of follow-up. Further long-term follow-  ups are intended.
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