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Study Objectives  Cognitive dysfunction and dementia are major public health  problems for aging societies. Many studies found an increased  risk of cognitive decline among AF patients. However, systematic  investigations of the interrelationships between brain parameters  and cognitive decline in AF patients are scarce.   One of the key goals of the Swiss-AF cohort is to implement  extensive cognitive testing coupled with systematic bMRI to  identify AF patients who are at increased risk of developing  cognitive dysfunction. A better understanding of the  interrelationships between AF, structural alterations on bMRI and  cognitive decline will stimulate development of specific treatment  targets and will help to define solutions for this crucial public  health issue.

Study Overview


Main Objectives of the Study

To increase our knowledge on structural brain damage and its changes over time in AF patients To gain additional insights on the incidence and underlying mechanisms of cognitive decline in patients with AF To improve long term risk prediction for stroke and systemic embolism in contemporary AF patients To assess risk factors and subsequent outcomes associated with AF progression To establish a risk prediction model for AF recurrence after pulmonary vein isolation To assess the impact of AF on health care costs.
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